EZproxy Administration

EZproxy servers have a special administrative URL of the form:

http:// ezproxy.yourlib.org:2048/admin

The ability to access the /admin URL is limited to administrative users.

You can create an administrative user by editing user.txt and adding a line like:

rdoe: verysecret:admin

The :admin at the end of the line indicates that rdoe is an administrative user.

If your institution does not include a place to enter a password on your login form, then omit the password and use an unusual username, such as:


Once you have added the appropriate line to user.txt, you can go to the /admin URL of your server, log in, and then you should see a page of administrative options.

Special Note for CAS, CGI and Shibboleth Authentication

If you are using an authentication method that redirects users to a different place for authentication, including CAS, CGI, and Shibboleth, logging in as an administrative user requires that you use a URL like this:


where you specify your administrative username and password as part of the /login URL. If you have to log in in this manner, limit the characters in your username and password to letters, digits, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.).

After you login, you can then access: