EBSCO Electronic Journals Service

EBSCO Electronic Journals Service (EJS) requires the following configuration in config.txt:

  1. Save the attached file (available for download here) in the same folder as your EZprozy configuration file on your EZproxy server. (To save: Right-click and select Save Target As... or Save Link As...)

  2. Add the following entry to your EZproxy configuration file:
    Title EBSCO Electronic Journals Service
    URL http://ejournals.ebsco.com
    HJ ejscontent.ebsco.com
    DJ ebsco.com
    HJ content.ebsco.com
  3. Add this as the last line in your EZproxy configuration file:
    IncludeFile ebscoejs.txt
  4. Save and close your EZproxy configuration file. Reboot your EZproxy server.