OAI Support

The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) develops and promotes interoperability standards so that content can be effectively disseminated. By configuring server settings, you can set CONTENTdm to act as an OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (PMH) repository. The OAI-PMH repository processes requests from a harvester so that the metadata for your stored items is available.

The default setting for OAI support allows all published collections to be available for harvesting. You can change the setting so that only specified collections are harvested. You can also specify whether the metadata for each page of a compound object is available for OAI harvesting.

For more information on OAI-PMH, visit www.openarchives.org.

To enable OAI support, you must have server permissions to add collections, delete collections, or administer user rights.

Learn about:

  1. Enabling OAI
  2. Specifying Collections to Harvest

Enabling OAI

To configure your OAI settings, you first must enable OAI.

To view and edit the OAI settings:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.

  2. Click the Server tab.

  3. Click Harvesting. The Harvesting page opens.


4. Review the current OAI settings.

5. Click the OAI Edit link. The Edit OAI settings page opens.


6. Select Yes to enable OAI.

Note: These settings apply to all collections included for harvesting.

  • The base URL for your OAI repository is http://your.CdmWebsite.address/oai/oai.php.

  • Repository Name is the name of the repository.

  • Server Administration E-mail is the e-mail address of the server administrator.

  • To enable compound object pages for harvesting, set Enable Compound Object Pages to Yes

    Enabling this setting allows OAI harvesters to harvest metadata for each page of compound objects (e.g., information about each page of a document, postcard, or monograph). If this is not enabled, only the compound object-level record is harvested.

7. Click Save to save the settings. If no collections are listed in the Collections text box, all published collections on the server are harvested.

Specifying Collections to Harvest

You can specify which published collections should be harvested. If you do not specify collections for OAI harvest, then all of your published collections will be harvested.

To specify collections to harvest:

From the Edit OAI settings page:

1. Click the Collections Edit link. The Edit OAI Collections window displays.


2. Add collections by selecting one or more collection names from the text box at the top, and then click Add to include in the list below.

3. Remove collections by selecting one or more collection names from the text box at the bottom, and then click Remove to exclude those collections from OAI harvesting. (Remember: If no collections are specified in the text box at the bottom, all published collections are harvested if OAI is enabled.)

4. Click Save to save changes to your OAI collections list. The Edit OAI Settings page displays with the Collections list updated to reflect your changes.

5. Click Save to commit all OAI configuration changes.