Exporting Metadata

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Exporting to Tab-delimited Text Files

Export collection metadata to a tab-delimited text file. Tabs are used as the delimiting character. You can choose to export the collection field names into the first record of the tab-delimited file by selecting the check box next to Return field names in first record.

For more information about the exported fields for this option, see Choosing a Metadata Export Mode.

To export metadata as a tab delimited file:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration by clicking CONTENTdm Administration from the Administration menu within the Project Client. Or access CONTENTdm Administration with your browser to:


  2. Click the Collections tab and then click Export. The export metadata Web page opens.

  3. Select Tab-delimited.

  4. Select whether you want the field names as the first record in the tab-delimited text file.

  5. Click Next. The Export successful window opens.

  6. Save the tab-delimited text file by right-clicking on the text file link and using your browser's save function.