PDF Conversion

PDF conversion enables you to set whether you want to automatically convert multiple-page PDF files to compound objects and how the compound object pages should be named for display.

You can edit PDF conversion settings if you have rights to configure settings and field properties.

PDF conversion settings defined in Collection Configuration apply to all import methods. Project Client users can override these settings when working with PDF files by editing project settings in the Project Client. For more information, see About Project Settings.

To enable PDF conversion:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.

  2. Click the Collections tab.

  3. Click Profile.

  4. In the Optional Collection Settings Summary section of the page, find PDF Conversion and then click Edit. The Edit PDF Conversion Setting page displays.

  5. Select Yes for Convert Multiple-Page PDF Files to Compound Objects.

    If you do not have a metadata field for the collection configured for full text searching, a reminder prompt displays. If you enable PDF conversion, you must set one metadata field to the data type Full Text Search. This field holds the PDF text extraction.

  6. Specify how to automatically name the pages of the compound object for display.

    If you choose the Name option, the pages of all imported PDF files converted to compound objects will be named in a sequence with the text provided (up to 255 characters), starting with the specified number. For example, "Page 1."

    If you choose the File Name and a Number option, the pages will be named in a sequence using the root of the original PDF file name, starting with the specified number (with a space between the name and the number). For example, Report.pdf would have page names starting with "Report 1."

  7. Click Save Changes. The Collection Configuration page displays, with PDF Conversion set to Convert multiple-page PDF files to compound objects.