Image Rights

Image rights settings specified in CONTENTdm Administration enable you to set whether you want to apply image rights options (bands, brands, watermarks) to items imported by using the Web-based Add option in CONTENTdm Administration or Connexion digital import.

You can edit image rights settings if you have rights to configure settings and field properties.

Image rights options are created and managed by using the Project Client (you can save up to 100 options per collection). The Project Client also enables you to apply image rights to items that are already in your collection by editing those items in the project spreadsheet or individually using the item editing tab. For more information, see About Image Rights.

Note: Image rights are only applied and visible when the user views images using the CONTENTdm Website viewport or the Project Client. (Bands are not visible on images that are 150 pixels or smaller [height or width] when users view images using the CONTENTdm Website viewport).

To view image rights options:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.

  2. Click the Collections tab.

  3. Click Profile.

  4. In the Optional Collection Settings Summary section of the page, find Image Rights.

    If no image rights options have been saved for the collection, the Optional Collection Settings Summary displays No image rights options available for Web imports (create in the Project Client).

    If any image rights options have been saved for the collection using the Project Client, you can click Edit. The Edit Image Rights page displays the options you can choose.

To edit image rights options:

  1. On the Edit Image Rights page, review the available options. (Image rights options must be created and saved by using the Project Client before you will be able to select them in this interface.)

  2. Select the option you want to always apply when using the import method. (If you do not want image rights applied, select Do not apply image rights for the import method.)

  3. Click Save Changes. The Collection Configuration page displays with an Updated Optional Collection Settings Summary for Image Rights.