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CONTENTdm Downloads and Add-ons

Project Client

Download the Project Client on this page. The Project Client is a Windows desktop application. See the system requirements page for more details.

Save the zip file below to your computer and run the executable to install.

Right-click to save:

After installing the Project Client, learn more about using it with your CONTENTdm Server in the Building Your First Collection tutorial.

CONTENTdm API Reference

dmwebservices is a simple wrapper around the CONTENTdm Server API functions, with a few exceptions to improve error handling. A few additional API functions are handled by the utils controller on the CONTENTdm Website instead of by dmwebservices on the CONTENTdm Server. For more information, see the CONTENTdm Website API Reference.


CONTENTdm Catcher

CONTENTdm Catcher is a Web service that supports batch requests to edit existing metadata fields, delete records, or add metadata-only records. When processed through Catcher, the existing Reference URL for an item will remain unchanged. Catcher provides an ideal mechanism for the addition of a batch of metadata records from another digital repository to a CONTENTdm collection.

The use of the Catcher web service is available to any CONTENTdm subscriber at no additional cost.

Interested in using Catcher? The documents provided here contain everything you need to get started.

Note: Catcher is currently using this version of the WSDL (XML).

Catcher Getting Started Guide (PDF)

The following sample scripts include detailed code comments. Right-click and select Save Target As to download and view the sample code files:

    Catcher Sample Script (.cs in .zip)
    Catcher Sample Script (.java)
    Catcher Sample Script (.php in .zip)

CONTENTdm Flex Loader

Flex Loader 6.2 Release Notes
This document lists the bugs that were fixed and known issues for Flex Loader Version 6.2 at the time of release.

Flex Loader 6.1 Features List
This document lists the features added in Flex Loader Version 6.1. (No additional features were added with version 6.2, so please refer to the Flex Loader 6.1 Feature List as the most-recent.)

Download Flex Loader Version 6.2

Save the file below to your computer and run the executable to install. Then review the Getting Started guide.

Right-click to save:  InstallCONTENTdmFlexLoader62.exe   

Flex Loader Getting Started Guide (PDF)

You will find extensions, plug-ins and server kits on the Downloads page in the CONTENTdm Community. (Log in required)