Choose how you will use Collection Manager

What type of subscription do you have?

I have an OCLC Cataloging Subscription

I have a CatExpress subscription

Use Collection Manager with a CatExpress subscription to get WorldCat records and set holdings in WorldCat.

I don't have an OCLC Cataloging Subscription

Follow the instructions for libraries without an OCLC Cataloging Subscription to Create a Collection Manager account. Access to Collection Manager is granted for the exclusive purpose of receiving records for content from selective providers. Follow the steps to enter the name of your provider in the request form.

Choose how you will use Collection Manager

Manage your electronic resources and WorldCat holdings

Add a knowledge base collection and integrate it with other OCLC services. See how to get WorldCat records, set and automatically maintain WorldCat holdings, and expose full-text links.

Improve local catalog quality with a set of WorldCat MARC records or use it to create a list of your holdings

Create a query collection to get records for all of your holdings, electronic and/or print serials, new titles added with CONTENTdm, and more.

Get new print materials into circulation quickly with WorldCat MARC records and spine labels

Request that your provider send to OCLC your electronic order information. Create a cataloging partner collection to set WorldCat holdings, get spine labels, and get WorldCat records that include library-specific invoicing and other data as sent from your provider.

Synchronize your entire catalog with WorldCat

Create a data sync collection to maintain your holdings in WorldCat including any local bibliographic data or local holdings records. If you have brief records in your local system, match them to current WorldCat records to get a more complete representation of your holdings.

Automatically receive an updated MARC record when a WorldCat master record is enhanced

Get WorldCat updates for your WorldCat holdings. If you set holdings in WorldCat through Collection Manager or through any OCLC product or service, get updated records as master records in WorldCat are enhanced.

Start using Collection Manager for content from a specific provider

If your interest in content from a specific provider has lead you to Collection Manager, see a list of providers and provider-specific workflows. The instructions will guide you to get WorldCat records, holdings, and/or full-text links for content from your providers.

Set and maintain holdings in WorldCat

Use Collection Manager to set WorldCat holdings on titles in a knowledge base collection, a cataloging partner collection, or a data sync collection. Simply use the institution setting to enable WorldCat holdings across collections.