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Archives, libraries, and museum staff face similar challenges when it comes to responding to a crisis, de-escalating conflict, and addressing burnout. Four new on-demand courses provide staff in cultural heritage institutions with options to learn about how to prepare for and handle these situations. 


Introduction to Crisis Communications for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Updated: 3 October 2023

This course will guide you through the fundamentals of crisis communications, helping to understand the different types of crises and how to define them. With real-life examples and expert insights, you’ll sharpen your knowledge and evaluate your organization’s crisis preparedness. 


Crisis Communications Planning for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Updated: 3 October 2023

When a crisis strikes, clear communication and strong leadership are key. From identifying stakeholders to building a dedicated crisis communications team, you’ll learn practical strategies to handle any situation. Our customizable template will empower you to craft a Crisis Communications Plan that suits your organization’s unique needs.

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From Burnout to Balance

Updated: 3 October 2023

Identify burnout causes, manage stress, and boost emotional resilience with this course. There’s something for everyone here, but managers at libraries, archives, or museums will develop skills to promote teamwork, communication, and mutual support in the workplace.


De-escalation Strategies for Libraries, Archives, and Museum Staff

Updated: 3 October 2023

Learn how to intervene in conflict effectively, enforce policies proactively, and promote an environment where everyone feels secure and valued.