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New REALM resources on pandemic impacts and collections


New toolkit resources

  • One year later: Perspectives from the field. In this short video, Space Center Houston’s President and CEO William T. Harris describes his institution’s experiences during the pandemic, its impact on staff and procedures, and how REALM research helped with decision-making.
  • Health equity: Resource roundup. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted health disparities in US communities—from receiving treatment while sick, to finding accurate information about how to mitigate the spread of the disease, to vaccine access and trustworthy information. As part of their core functions as community information hubs, libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) can play a key role in addressing these critical inequities. These resources help to define health equity in a LAM context, highlight specific needs of staff, and provide examples for how these institutions are taking action. 
  • How libraries, archives, and museums are collecting pandemic artifacts: Resource roundup. As collecting institutions, libraries, archives, and museums have the distinct challenge of trying to gather and preserve history while it is happening. The pandemic has shaped every aspect of these institutions’ operations, including collecting policies and procedures. From audio stories to physical objects, these examples illustrate the many ways that artifacts from the pandemic are being collected and will be remembered.
  • One year later – the impact of COVID-19 on libraries, archives, and museums: Resource roundup. Museums and libraries were among the first organizations to provide their audiences with access to content, services, and support in the face of a global pandemic. Although these efforts have persisted over the past year, these organizations also have undergone incredible losses and cuts. These resources attempt to document the pandemic’s impact on the library, archive, and museum fields.

New article—Libraries and museums as vaccination sites

This WebJunction article highlights libraries and museums stepping in to provide community access to vaccinations in their facilities. These institutions are leveraging their accessible facilities, experience addressing community challenges—particularly with underserved populations—and role as a trusted resource for reliable information to serve as vaccine sites and help address vaccine hesitancy.

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