Vendor-prompted cataloging

Partner with OCLC and offer your customers a unique value-added service that will get you noticed. Our vendor-prompted cataloging programs enable your customers to obtain corresponding WorldCat® bibliographic records at the same time they receive ordered materials.

In each program, each supplied WorldCat record has the library's ownership of the item already set as a holding. (And if the library also subscribes to WorldCat as part of our FirstSearch® reference service, their copy of that title can be found on Web search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, through the™ Web platform.)

Help your customers spend less time handling new titles and searching for cataloging records.

GOBI OCLC-Plus Service

  • The GOBI OCLC-Plus Service consists of materials and OCLC WorldCat catalog records from GOBI Library Solutions.
  • GOBI OCLC-Plus Service is available to OCLC member libraries who have a current OCLC Cataloging or CatExpress® subscription.
  • Libraries order the service—new materials and the accompanying catalog records—from GOBI OCLC-Plus Service. Please contact your GOBI OCLC-Plus Service Sales Consultant for ordering information.
  • Holdings are set in WorldCat based upon daily batch file updates from GOBI OCLC-Plus Service. Data within the transmission is based on the cadence of customer shipments and their chosen holdings delay pattern.
  • OCLC or one of its billing partners will bill the library for the OCLC Cataloging or CatExpress subscription. Billing for the GOBI OCLC-Plus Service (which covers the catalog records and GOBI OCLC-Plus Service processing fees) and for the library materials is done by GOBI OCLC-Plus Service.
  • For an additional fee, libraries have the option of receiving records for 100% of the new materials obtained through GOBI OCLC-Plus Service.
  • GOBI OCLC-Plus Service delivers the WorldCat catalog records to the libraries along with the materials.
  • GOBI OCLC-Plus Service offers shelf-ready options.

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