On-Demand Webinar

How you can better connect your users to authoritative open content

A 60-minute webinar about out how you can improve the discoverability of high-quality, academic open content for the communities you serve

This session is part of the Transformative Leaders ongoing webinar series.

Hear from: 

  • Ixchel Faniel, OCLC Senior Research Scientist, to learn more about the "Open Access Discovery" project. She’ll share some preliminary findings describing how academic libraries in the Netherlands are integrating open access publications into users’ discovery workflows. 
  • Tim Martin, OCLC Director Business Development & Publisher Relations, who will explain how OCLC works with publishers to get millions of pieces of open access content into WorldCat for use by member libraries. 
  • John McCullough, OCLC Director, Academic Library Management Services, will walk through some ways that WorldShare Management Services help enable and promote open access content within library workflows.