On-Demand Webinar

Cool trends and hot topics: How to maximize your library’s online presence and impact

A 30-minute webinar to learn about the web visibility benefit included in WMS that connects people to libraries from search engines and popular nonlibrary websites

During this session, you'll find out how OCLC's web visibility program helps libraries reach current and prospective users in on websites that are viewed daily by millions of people: 

  • Direct links to library catalogs from Google Search results help users quickly determine availability of needed items
  • “Find in a library” links on OCLC partner sites like Google Books, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia bring users to WorldCat.org where they can then click to library websites
  • More than 5,000 websites link to WorlCat.org to help their users find materials they need in libraries

The program will also include recommendations for steps you can take to make the most of the web visibility benefit included in WMS.