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OCLC Industry Symposium

What’s data got to do with it? Making decisions in an age of uncertainty

Intuition is a powerful, subconscious thought process which relies on past experiences to inform decision-making. By searching our long-term memory for similar situations, we can quickly make in-the-moment judgments. Sometimes, it is a feeling you get that you cannot explain.

But what happens when we are in a rare or new situation? Intuition falters because it can’t recognize patterns and provide a recommended approach. Our feelings are a gauge, but they are not facts. From a global pandemic to economic instability to AI, we live and lead in a world that is constantly presenting us with new, and complex, situations.

Data-driven decision-making (“DDDM”) provides insights when intuition falls short.

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Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2023
Time: 13:30 – 14:45 Central European Summer Time
Location: Dock 10, Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre