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Connecting the Dots

A webinar series for public libraries

This series includes topics of interest for current and future public library leaders, and is designed to inform, inspire, and connect public libraries. Sessions are free and all library staff are invited to attend.

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Equipping your public library staff with knowledge and training

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Date: 22 February 2024

The public library landscape is continuously changing in a variety of ways, such as evolving community needs and expectations, technology improvements, and budgetary constraints.

OCLC is committed to working with and supporting public library leaders and staff, and empowering them with research resources and training to help them advance strategically.

See this 45-minute webinar to learn about OCLC Research and WebJunction. You'll gain valuable information about:

  • ​​​Research for public libraries that is new and forthcoming
  • Training programs to help you serve your users better
  • ​​​​How you can take part in these programs

Enrich the value of your OCLC services with the Community Center

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Date: 24 January 2024

Learn how to enrich the value of your services with the OCLC Community Center: A dynamic, virtual space dedicated to enhancing collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the overall impact of collective work in an ever-changing environment.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Where to receive the latest updates on product releases and activities
  • How to gain valuable leadership experience by serving on leadership teams and committee
  • Ways to collaborate with your peers

Unlock the power of WorldCat with interlibrary loan

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Date: 15 November 2023

Explore why WorldCat is the cornerstone of interlibrary loan success for public libraries—essential for meeting the diverse needs of library users worldwide. OCLC's interlibrary loan network leverages WorldCat's extensive database so your library can swiftly deliver requested materials to your users while streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how OCLC’s interlibrary loan services help libraries by:

  • Enabling ILL workflow automations that decrease staff mediation and speed delivery
  • Saving staff time by preventing requests for items you don’t own
  • Including a branch management feature and the ability to efficiently create book club requests

Connect people to your library’s resources with WorldCat holdings

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Date: 1 November 2023

A 30-minute webinar demonstration to show you how to maximize benefits from WorldCat® holdings

When your library collections are present in WorldCat, people can find your resources through the FirstSearch®, WorldCat Discovery, and services. Your WorldCat holdings also enable people to connect to your library from search engines and nonlibrary websites they often consult first when looking for information.

This webinar includes a live demonstration of how WorldCat holdings enable users to: ​​​​​

  • Connect with libraries from popular sites like Google Search, Goodreads, Google Books, Wikipedia, and FamilySearch
  • Find items in library collections through WorldCat searches on FirstSearch, WorldCat Discovery, and
  • Maximize the benefits your library receives through OCLC's web visibility program

Getting the most from cataloging in WorldCat

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Date: 24 October 2023

A 30-minute webinar to help you develop quality records, boost efficiency, amplify your library’s impact, and advance the collective collection through collaboration

You’ll learn how OCLC delivers the tools you need to:

  • Describe the scholarly and cultural record through WorldCat
  • Simplify cumbersome metadata management processes for print and electronic resources
  • Connect your collection to others and enhance the services your library offers
  • Make your collections visible and accessible to your community and information seekers

The power of WorldCat for public libraries

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Date: 4 October 2023

A 30-minute webinar to learn more about WorldCat and how it ​​​supports library functions, helps your library become more visible, and facilitates DEI initiatives

Public libraries benefit in many ways from the quality data found in WorldCat—the world’s most comprehensive source of information about library collections. Representing your collections in WorldCat can help address challenges public libraries face by providing the foundation for cataloging, resource sharing, and discovery.