Play Scavify. Win Prizes.


Free registration to RSC19


Amazon Echo Dot


Signed copy of Keynote Celeste Headlee’s book We Need to Talk

Download the Scavify App

Search for "Scavify" in the App Store or Google Play or use the resources below

  1. Download Scavify from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and sign up to create a username and password.
  3. Search for "OCLC RSC18".
  4. Enter password OCLCRSC18 to join.
  5. From the gameplay screen, you can complete tasks, get points, keep track of your score, and interact with the competition.

Please note that any photos, answers, videos, etc., entered into the app may be used within OCLC social media. We encourage you to share your posts on personal social media channels, but not photos or videos from others without permission.