Discovery to Delivery™ (D2D)

With D2D, you can:


Provide a seamless discovery to delivery experience


Distribute work evenly


Save time through interoperability


Connect outside your consortium


Share e-resources without staff intervention

Provide a seamless discovery to delivery experience

Let your users search your consortial collections alongside your own in the same interface. Their search results incorporate real-time availability and restrictions due to local lending policies. They can easily submit requests, track them, and get email updates.

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Get to fastest supplier while load balancing requests

When a user places a request, D2D automatically builds the routing list based on availability and library preferences. D2D load balances requests based on turnaround time, weighted for equitable distribution among your consortium’s libraries to avoid overburdening any one library while ensuring that requests go to the fastest suppliers first. In addition, D2D can use tiers to build the routing lists to ensure a logical order, for example, based on geographic location.

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Save time through interoperability

D2D interoperates with your local ILS and checks real-time availability before sending your library a request. As a lending library, you simply grab the pick slip and find the item on your shelf. Once your staff updates the request in D2D, your circulation transactions update automatically in your ILS to keep your availability information up to date.

D2D interoperates seamlessly with the following library systems:

  • Evergreen*
  • Ex Libris Aleph
  • Ex Libris Alma
  • Ex Libris Voyager
  • Innovative Millennium
  • Innovative Sierra
  • Koha
  • Kuali OLE
  • Polaris
  • SirsiDynix Symphony
  • SirsiDynix Unicorn
  • SirsiDynix Horizon
  • TLC Library Solution
  • WorldShare Management Services

*partial interoperability

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Connect outside your consortium

If none of your consortium’s libraries have the resource your user needs, D2D can automatically send requests to other lending libraries. Track and manage those requests with D2D, keeping all your ILL work in one place.

Share e-resources without staff intervention

Set up D2D to automatically deliver e-resources to the requester as an email attachment or through D2D's File Transfer Service.

Discovery to Delivery (D2D) optimizes users’ ability to discover library resources within your consortium and get immediate access to or request delivery of the material with little or no intervention from library staff. It also provides the tools staff need to request and track material that cannot be filled within the consortium.

Service availability

  • Available in Canada and the United States

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Download the D2D brochure
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