Closed Dates in Authority Records

Since the publication of revised LCRI 22.17 in February 2006, catalogers have had the option to add death dates to personal name headings with open dates.

Both the Library of Congress and OCLC are aware that many libraries are interested in incorporating these changes into their catalogs. Libraries that use authority control services for ongoing processing will receive these changes as part of their normal workflows but, for other libraries, OCLC is providing this service to announce headings to which death dates have been added.

Lists for each week since the new policy went into effect on 1 February 2006 are available below and as an RSS feed. Instructions for subscribing to RSS feeds can be found on RSS Feeds and Podcasts. In general, a list of newly changed headings will be added as soon as possible after they have been received.

NOTE: Authority Records updates posted after 19 January 2008 require Arial Unicode font to display all extended characters. This font ships with various software packages or can be purchased separately (Learn more about Arial Unicode fonts.) Older entries require the ALA BT Courier font to display properly. Use Internet Explorer for best results when viewing the ALA BT Courier font.


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