• EZproxy E-Mail List

EZproxy E-Mail List

The State University of New York has created and maintains an e-mail list for discussing topics related to EZproxy. The list is open for all to join.

You can subscribe to this list by sending an e-mail message to:


For the subject of your message, use:


To post to this list, send messages to:


Archives of this list can be accessed at ls.suny.edu/read/?forum=ezproxy . (Please note that this link to the archives may take you to the main list of all SUNY archives instead of just the EZproxy archive. If this happens, just locate EZproxy in the list and click on it.)

OCLC does not have any control over this e-mail list. If you are having trouble with your access to the e-mail list or if you notice the list is down, you can contact services@itec.suny.edu .

OCLC thanks SUNY for hosting this list.