EZproxy V6.1.16 Released

You can now download and update to EZproxy V6.1.16 here. If you have not already upgraded to EZproxy V6.x and requested a WSKey, you will need to obtain an OCLC Web Service Key (WSKEY).

This release was built with OpenSSL 1.0.2h to provide access to the most up-to-date security configuration options. You can find more information about these updates and others in the EZproxy V6.1.16 Release Notes.


Find out more about EZproxy and how it can provide your users with remote access to your databases subscriptions, no matter where they are located. Additional details about how EZproxy works and links to Order Forms can also be found here.

Install, Set Up, & Update

Get access to the most recent version of EZproxy and instructions for installing and updating your self-hosted instance, details about how to customize your EZproxy webpages, and steps to take when getting started with EZproxy.

Configure Resources (config.txt)

For self-hosted EZproxy users, this section provides information about how to edit your conf.txt file along with database stanzas and a glossary of config.txt directives.

Authenticate Users (user.txt)

For self-hosted EZproxy users, this section provides information about how to edit your user.txt file and set up your chosen authentication method. A glossary of authentication directives is also located here.

Manage EZproxy

Additional details about configuration options can be found here including Securing Your EZproxy, Adding an SSL Certificate, and Setting Up Your Log Files. In addition to these configuration options, additional details are provided about what to do if you experience a security breach or how to use your log files.


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