EZproxy support

EZproxy 6.0 Released

You can now download and update to EZproxy 6.0 here. To run this newest version of EZproxy, you will need to obtain a OCLC Web Service Key (WSKEY). Additional details about this release can be found in the EZproxy Release Notes. Known issues relating to security and this version of EZproxy can be found on the Known Issues page.

See more details before you order

See Initial evaluation for additional information, including hardware and operating system requirements and technical details.

Get started

See Initial setup for download and installation instructions, and information about user authentication, EZproxy configuration, database configuration, default web pages and more.

See PDF guides for a quick reference guide for getting started with EZproxy.

To test or use EZproxy, you must have the EZproxy software and a license key. You can download the software on this site. For trial license requests, please complete the EZproxy Trial Request form at http://www.oclc.org/content/forms/worldwide/en/ezproxy-trial.html. For quote requests and pricing, please complete the EZproxy Quote Request form at http://www.oclc.org/content/forms/worldwide/en/ezproxy-quote.html. For all other inquries, please email support@oclc.org.

Upgrade to the latest supported release

OCLC retired support for EZproxy licensed software versions prior to the 5.0 release, effective July 1, 2009. If your release is earlier than 5.0, upgrade to the latest release to ensure that you continue to receive full support.

See Maintenance and upgrades for download and update instructions for upgrading your existing EZproxy installation to the latest release, and for information about troubleshooting common problems.

See PDF guides for a quick reference guide for upgrading EZproxy.

Add a database

See Database setup for configuration information and known issues for many popular databases.

See Related OCLC services for information about using EZproxy with other OCLC services.

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