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Providers and contacts for automatic collection loading

OCLC works directly with some providers to automatically add and maintain your library-specific collection metadata to WorldShare Collection Manager.

Getting started
Follow the before you request instructions to make sure your WorldShare account is ready. Proceed as follows:

  1. See the information for your provider for the contact information to request automatic loading for:
  2. When your collection has been loaded in Collection Manager, configure your settings.

Consortia and groups
You have specific considerations for sharing collections and for your initial set-up. Contact the OCLC implementation team for groups.

How to discontinue automatic loading
See the instructions on who to contact to discontinue loading.

Providers How to sign up Collection names
Frequency with which OCLC gets metadata OCLC number coverage DDA loading?
EBL (Ebook Library)
(a ProQuest business)

Contact your EBL representative

Email OCLC Support  and say "Please load my EBL collections.  My OCLC symbol is [###]. My Registry ID is [number]."

Note: You will need an identifier from your provider to configure your settings.

Ebook Library (Demand Driven Acquisitions)*
Collection ID: ebl.ebookspda

Ebook Library Catalogue
Collection ID: ebl.ebooks

Includes titles purchased through YBP.

Weekly 95-99%** Yes
(a ProQuest business)

Contact your ebrary representative

Contact OCLC Support  and say "Please load my ebrary collections.  My OCLC symbol is [###]. My Registry ID is [number]."

Note: You will need an identifier from your provider to configure your settings.

ebrary Demand Driven Acquisitions*
Collection ID: ebrary.ebooks39pda

ebrary All Purchased
Collection ID: ebrary.ebooks39

Includes titles purchased through YBP.

Every two weeks 95-99%** Yes


>>See the quickstart guide for EBSCO

Email OCLC Support  and say "Please load my EBSCO collections. My OCLC symbol is [###]. My Registry ID is [number]."

If you do not yet have a Collection Manager account fill out the Request Form to recieve your Welcome Guide and instructions for creating an account.

View all Ebooks on EBSCO collections.
Weekly 95-99%** Yes

Elsevier ClinicalKey

Provider-supplied feeds are not yet available. Please see below for details on Elsevier ClinicalKey collections.





Elsevier (ScienceDirect)

>>See the quickstart guide for Elsevier ScienceDirect

Contact OCLC Support and say "Please load my Elsevier collections. My OCLC symbol is [XXX]. My Registry ID is [number]."

Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals
Collection ID: elsevier.sciDirect

ScienceDirect Book Series
Collection ID: elsevier.bookseries

ScienceDirect All Books
Collection ID: elsevier.ebooks

We will load your library-specific e-book holdings AND your e-journal holdings with custom coverage dates.


Elsevier ScienceDirect, 86%**

ScienceDirect Book Series, 75%**

ScienceDirect All Books, 87%**

Ingram MyiLibrary (Ingram-Coutts)


For questions contact
OCLC Support.

MyiLibrary Collection
Collection ID:

OCLC will load all of your e-book holdings to the single collection.

Weekly 72%** No


See a recorded demonstration, below!


For questions contact
OCLC Support.

Books at JSTOR Demand Driven Acquisitions*
Collection ID: jstor.ebookspda

Books at JSTOR All Purchased
Collection ID: jstor.ebooks

Weekly TBD** Yes
Teton Data Systems

Contact your Teton representative

Contact OCLC Support and say "Please load my Teton collections. My OCLC symbol is [XXX]. My Registry ID is [number]."

Note: You will need a Provider ID when you are ready to configure your settings.

Collection ID: teton.ebooks
Monthly 76%** No

*If you participate in a DDA program, this collection will represent the e-book titles available to your patrons that could be triggered for purchase. The other collection will represent your purchased e-book titles. These can include any titles your library has purchased in the past along with any titles that have been purchased through your DDA program

**OCLC number coverage determines the % of holdings that can be set in WorldCat and the % of MARC records you can output based on the collections. The coverage percentages listed here are not exact. For up-to-date information, see the WorldCat knowledge base collections list.

About collection names and collection IDs:
The table lists the system-generated collection names. You can modify collection names as desired and those changes will persist after OCLC updates collection metadata.
Collection IDs follow a different format for consortial collections. They include the consortial Registry ID, for example: customer.###.ebookspda

Government document collections
Find more information about how OCLC can use your Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) profile information to maintain your U.S. government document collections. 

Elsevier ClinicalKey collections
The needs of a number of libraries will be met by selecting the "Flex" collections in full. If you have additional titles or if your subscription differs, please manually select titles from the ebook and journal collections.

If your library subscribes to the Flex collection, search for the collection in Collection Manager and select it in full.

Next step: Configure your MARC profile and settings.
Elsevier ClinicalKey Flex Collection ID: elsevier.ckflex

Elsevier ClinicalKey Flex Australia Collection ID: elsevier.ckauflex

Select the subset of titles that reflects your subscription.

See the instructions on how to select titles one by one in the interface OR how to download the KBART collection file, select titles in the spreadsheet, and upload it to reflect your titles.

Next step:Configure your MARC profile and settings.

If your collection set differs from or extends beyond the Flex collections, note the availability of the collections: Elsevier ClinicalKey eBooks Collection ID: elsevier.ckebook

Elsevier ClinicalKey Journals Collection ID: elsevier.ckjournal

Who do I contact to discontinue automated loading?

Contact both your provider and OCLC. Afterward, sign in to WorldShare Collection Manager and deselect the collection. Depending on timing, OCLC or your provider could still have some or your collection metadata moving through the system. To ensure that OCLC does not again load your collection, see the instructions to control the data sources that can populate your collection.

Alternatively, check back to see if the collection appears again. If it does, simply deselect it once more. If desired, have OCLC Support verify that we processed your request to discontinue.

Additional steps for consortia, groups, libraries with shared collections
Consortia and their member libraries with shared collections will NOT have the option to control the data sources in their consortial collections.

Consortia that have shared collections with their members will need the members to deselect the shared collection before they will be able to "unshare" with the libraries. If your group had a DDA and a purchased collection, you can discontinue the loading of the the "unpurchased" DDA collection and sustain the purchased collection, including your holdings in WorldCat and all you other settings.

How do I remove my holdings in WorldCat and/or remove the links or MARC records from my discovery interface?

WorldShare Collection Manager will remove your holding symbol in WorldCat (after a delay), remove links in WorldCat Discovery (within a few hours), and output "delete" MARC records for you to use with your local discovery system/ILS.

If WorldShare Collection Manager is managing holdings on your collections in WorldCat keep in mind that your holdings will be removed when you deselect the collections. Libraries with DDA collections often do NOT delselect the collection of items that have been triggered for purchase.

Before you contact OCLC and your provider:

Make sure you have access to WorldShare Collection Manager

If your institution needs access to Collection Manager (Metadata tab) in the WorldShare interface:
Complete the request form. You will receive a message from OCLC Order Services when they complete provisioning for your institution. It will include instructions on using your institution's WorldShare URL and for creating your personal account.

Once an institution has Collection Manager (Metadata tab), staff members can use the OCLC Services page to create personal accounts.

If you have questions, please contact OCLC Support. If you need help with the request form, please contact OCLC Order Services.  

Verify that the collections have NOT previously been selected

If your library has had access to WorldShare Collection Manager (Metadata tab), you might need to check if the collections are selected as we will overwrite what is there when we load your library's holdings.

  • Sign in to Collection Manager via your library's WorldShare URL:

  • Navigate to the Metadata tab, Collection Manager. Search for the collection in Collection Manager using the collection name from the table. Note: "My Selected Collections" limits your search to collections that are selected.

If the collections are NOT selected: You can proceed. Find the contact information to start automatic loading for your library. When OCLC finishes loading your collections, the collections will be automatically selected. You will only need to configure your settings. Check the status of the load by searching for the collections or by looking in the Activity History.

If the collections are selected in FULL: You will need to de-select them. Our system will NOT be able to overwrite the selections with the title data directly from your provider. If you have holdings set in WorldCat, de-selecting the collection will remove these holdings. You will be able to re-add WorldCat holdings after OCLC loads the collection.

If the collections are partially selected to reflect a subset of the titles available in the collections: The system will overwrite them. Find the contact information to start automatic loading for your library. If you want to preserve the collections before we overwrite them, do so before making a request for your collection(s) to be loaded by OCLC. Use the "Download selected" option and choose a format to download a spreadsheet of your title data.