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WorldCat Metadata API available on the OCLC WorldShare Platform

The WorldCat Metadata API enables you to manage WorldCat data through integration with library- and partner-built applications. Member libraries can use the Metadata API to conveniently add and enrich WorldCat records and maintain WorldCat holdings information and local bibliographic data. The Metadata API—created in response to member library requests—can be used to enhance existing systems to streamline workflows and improve system access to library collections in any creative way that can be imagined.  

The Metadata API is available on the OCLC WorldShare Platform, a global, interconnected Web architecture that supports OCLC’s Webscale services and applications, and provides flexible, open access to library data through APIs and other Web services. Librarians and developers can use this data to innovate together to build and share solutions that streamline and enhance their local library workflows. Through the platform, you gain access to a consistent set of business- and data-level APIs and Web services.

Visit the Developer Network for information on using the Metadata API and to see the full lists of available APIs or Web services.

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