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Policies Directory: set your rules for requests

The OCLC Policies Directory is a data source of over 10,000 OCLC resource sharing libraries' lending policies. From OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan you have one-click access to the Policies Directory, where you can review the lending and copying policies of other libraries participating in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, plus their billing, system and contact information. You can use this information to choose your potential lenders, and publish your own policies in the Web-based Directory to reduce the number of unfillable requests you receive.

The WorldShare Plarform enables the display of lender costs from the Policies Directoy within the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan interface, to help borrowers quickly select lenders that meet their budgets.

Search for potential lenders—by state, institution type or specific group. Find libraries that are OCLC suppliers and are willing to lend the specific format(s) of material that your users need. The Policies Directory is your source for detailed lending information that will help improve your chances of obtaining the materials that you request.

The Policies Directory allows you to identify requests that you cannot fill so that they will bypass your library. This automatic deflection can be set up based on service type (copy/loan), group membership, cost, material age and/or format type. By specifying requests that your library cannot fill, you reduce your processing time because library staff do not see requests they cannot fill. This enables them to focus on requests that can be filled.

The Policies Directory is  integrated with the WorldCat Registry—your institution name, type and location information is all pulled from the Registry—as well as additional information about your library such as your catalog and home page. You only need to update this information in one place—the WorldCat Registry—and your changes will also be reflected in the Policies Directory.

Learn more about the OCLC Policies Directory in the OCLC Policies Directory Quick Reference.

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