QuestionPoint Administrator 2 (Recording)

Define your library's profiles for QuestionPoint and your library's policy pages to join the 24/7 Reference Cooperative, as well as manage your library’s knowledge base workflow.

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Course Overview

This course provides instruction to learners on basic, but required setup so their libraries can go “live” with the QuestionPoint® virtual reference service.  Learners will be able to define their institutions’ profiles and policy pages to join the 24/7 Reference Cooperative, as well as set up access to QuestionPoint Knowledge Bases.


This course is intended for learners with an Institution Administration account whose institutions are new to the QuestionPoint service.  Current QuestionPoint administrators can also benefit from the class as a refresher or to fill in foundational gaps about setting up the QuestionPoint service for your institutions.

How to use this course

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Start Date

02 August 2017

End Date

02 August 2017

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Course Length

1 hour 13 minutes