Getting the Most Out of Connexion Client

Getting more efficient with Connexion Client

Even if you are an experienced Connexion Client user, you can benefit from taking any of our training courses.  We regularly hear from users who are reminded of a feature they forgot about, or who get new ideas about how to use Connexion. However, two classes in particular can help you boost your productivity with the Client.

If you want to cut down on the amount of repetitive work you do in Connexion, or customize your experience in a way that makes the Client work most effectively for you, one of our most popular classes is:

Another class that focuses on some of the more under-utilized time saving features of Connexion Client is:

These two courses can help you greatly boost your productivity in Connexion Client, getting more done in less time.

If tutorials are more your style, or you want to prepare for these classes, you will get a great foundation from the following tutorials:

Once you've mastered the content in these courses, you'll have the confidence that you are making full use of the efficiency tools in Connexion Client