Setting Holdings for OCLC Z39.50-Derived Records via Batchloading

If you are an OCLC member library using the OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service as a source for bibliographic records, you need to update your library's holdings in WorldCat. Libraries have two options for setting holdings:

  • Z39.50
  • Batchload

For information about using Z39.50, see Z39.50 Database Update Implementation for OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging: Extended Service Definition.

This Web page gives a brief outline for using Batchload. Basically, you order a batchload project, receive a Project ID from OCLC Batch Services, and then send your records to OCLC to match in WorldCat and update your library's holdings.

Order a Batchload project

Order a batchload project using the Bibliographic Batchload Order form in the OCLC Online Service Center (OSC). See information and instructions in:

  • Batchload Solutions for Bibliographic Records Quick Reference (ordering instructions for various types of batchload projects)
  • Order Checklist for Bibliographic Batchload (simulation of the order form to questions to fill out—OCLC highly recommends using this checklist to prepare your information before you log on to order)
  • Order a Batchload Project (chapter 3 in the OCLC Batch Services User Guide; complete instructions)

When ready to order, log on to the Online Service Center.

Send your records for Batchload

After you complete your batchload order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from Batch Services with your Project ID (a number that begins with "P"; for example "Pxxxxxx" where "x" represents any number). You can then prepare and send your files of MARC records for processing using one of the following methods:

  • Upload files to the OCLC Product Services Web (PSWeb). See detailed instructions in Send MARC Records for Batchload Using PSWeb.

  • Transfer files via file transfer protocol (FTP) using your OCLC Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) account. If you did not already have an EDX account, the system set one up for you automatically when you ordered your project. See detailed instructions in Send MARC Records for Batchload Using FTP.

    Please note: You do not have to send OCLC Z39.50-derived records separately. You can include them with other records for updating holdings if needed.