Z39.50 Database Update Implementation for OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging: Extended Service Definition

Revised: June 6, 2016


OCLC supports setting institution holding symbols via the Z39.50-1995 DatabaseUpdate Extended Service Definition. The following is the general definition of how OCLC has implemented these Z39.50-1995 capabilities in its target server. Refer to The Z39.50 Document for more information about the Extended Services DatabaseUpdate Service.

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Service Definitions

The OCLC Z39.50 server does not maintain a task package database. All databaseUpdate tasks are assumed waited. The OCLC Z39.50 server DatabaseUpdate Extended Service supports only the creation of a task package that will be returned in the response.

Extended Service Common Parameters Implementation

Common Task Package Parameter Origin Supplied Target Response Task Package Parameter
Function x (Create only)    
packageType x (DatabaseUpdate)    
taskStatus     x
packageDiagnostic   x (opt)  
Task-Specific-parameters   x x
Task-package   x  
operation status   x  

Task-Specific-parameters for DatabaseUpdate

Task-Specific-Parameters Origin Supplied Target Supplied Task Package Parameter
action x   x
databaseName x   x
suppliedRecords x    
updateStatus   x x

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Updating Holdings

    databaseName =  "oclc_oluc_holdings"                                                                                           OR                                           "OCLCInstitutionRecords"
    action       =  elementUpdate
    suppliedRecords ::= SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE {record  [4] IMPLICIT EXTERNAL}
    -- note only one record will be accepted per request.
    holdingSymbolRecord ::=  SEQUENCE {
	olucRecordNumber	[5] IMPLICIT InternationalString,

    cardProduction ::=  SEQUENCE {
	produceCards	[1] IMPLICIT Boolean,
	addFlag   	[2] IMPLICIT Boolean optional,
	allFlag 	[3] IMPLICIT Boolean optional,
	xtraCards	[4] IMPLICIT Integer optional }  OPTIONAL

Record numbers

8-digit.  If the number is 8 or fewer digits, the form should be “oc m” + OCLC accession number . The number may or may not contain leading zeroes and a single trailing space.

    Example: These two variations both result in the same record being updated:

  • ocm1
  • ocm00000001

9-digit.  If the number is 9 digits, the form should be “oc n” + OCLC accession number . The number will not contain a trailing space.


  • ocn100000000

The institution symbol associated with the authorization supplied in the Init Service will be used to update the holdings database.

Notes: OCLCInstitutionRecords

Updating holdings in the OCLCInstitutionRecords database will automatically update the holding on the master record in the OCLC WorldCat database.

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