Known Issues

Updated:  April 21, 2015

The tables below list known issues in OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.
Availability dates are subject to change.

Known Issues with Viable Workarounds

Issue Details/work-around
PDF print preview does not work with Internet Explorer 11.
Note: IE 11 is not yet a supported browser for WorldShare ILL.
Fix Date: TBD
Duplicate electronic delivery service types in constant data under the Electronic Delivery option results in an error. Confirm that electronic delivery settings in the OCLC ILL Policies Directory are complete, e.g. IP address is in the URL Field.
Note:  There is no need to make further edits in OCLC Service Configuration.
Lending button fails to appear if non-numeric data is entered in the Lending charges for Default Constant Data. User should enter only numeric data for lending charges and max cost.
Search by patron name results in "no matching requests found" when the patron name is specified as lastname,firstname (no spaces plus a comma in the middle). Enter patron name in the following formats (with spaces):
Lastname Firstname
Lastname, Firstname
Firstname Lastname
Search results ignore articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of a title when sorting title field. No current plans to fix this issue.

Fixed Issues

Issue Date Fixed
When using Discover Items, after viewing a detailed bibliographic record from a results list, users cannot navigate back to the search results by clicking on the link to that search in the left navigation panel. 
April 2015
Article Exchange uploads fail if the .PDF extension is entered in ALL CAPS. April 2015
When using Custom Holdings Paths plus a year/volume, lenders are not added to the lender string in the correct order. All lenders in the string will hold the requested item, but they will not be ordered by custom holdings group.
December 2014
Not all modules of OCLC Service Configuration work with Internet Explorer, version 10.0.
December 2014
User is unable to search from the request details screen using the magnifying glass, if the request was opened by searching for it. November 2014
Direct link to Advanced Search is missing. November 2014
Request printouts from WorldShare ILL display the service type of loan, regardless of whether the request is a loan or a copy. The service type of the actual request is not changed, just the printout.
October 2014
User encounters Unresponsive Script error message. October 2014
User is only able to search closed requests by Request ID. October 2014
Request fields that should be editable at various statuses are no longer editable. Most request fields remain read-only regardless of request status. October 2014

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