Enhance requirements and application instructions

Regular Enhance requirements

  1. The chief requirement is that the resulting record be at full level. Enhance participants can use their Regular Enhance authorizations as follows:
    • a. Full level records (Encoding levels I, L and J) may be added to or corrected.
    • b. CIP records (Encoding Level 8) may be edited in their entirety by Regular Enhance participants except for the Encoding Level value itself.
    • c. Minimal level records (Encoding levels K, M, 2, 3, 5, and 7) and non-program Core level records (Encoding level 4, without field 042=pcc, only) may also be upgraded, but these receive a minimal-level upgrade credit.
    • d. For national level records (Encoding Levels blank, 1, and 4 with field 042=pcc), Regular Enhance users have the same capabilities as other full-level authorizations, including those of Database Enrichment.
    A more complete explanation of the capabilities of a Regular Enhance authorization may be found in the Enhance Training Outline.
  2. Libraries should have at least two years' experience using OCLC cataloging services, or in the case of former RLG institutions, RLIN cataloging services.
  3. Each library controls who will enhance records and must guard against unauthorized use of the Enhance capability. Libraries should periodically review whether to continue in the Enhance Program.
  4. A Regular Enhance credit (Product Code 2571) is given for each Regular Enhance replace performed.
  5. Most normal catalog activities may be done with a Regular Enhance authorization, including card production and MARC output. NACO work cannot be done with a Regular Enhance authorization.

Application instructions for Regular Enhance

  1. A separate Enhance Authorization Application is required for each bibliographic format for which a library requests the Regular Enhance capability.
    • a. Each application will be evaluated for that particular bibliographic format only; other cataloging activity will not affect the application.
    • b. All records sent must be cataloged according to AACR2. No RDA records will be evaluated until such time as RDA is implemented by the U.S. National Libraries.
    • c. OCLC does not accept Enhance applications in the Mixed Materials or the Serials formats. The Program for Cooperative Cataloging's CONSER Program, administered by the Library of Congress, deals with the maintenance of Serials. You may find information about CONSER on the LC Web site at http://www.loc.gov/acq/conser/.
  2. Attach a list of 10 original, full-level cataloging (Encoding Level I) AACR2 records, preferably created within the past year, in the format for which Enhance is being requested. These records should be the best examples of the library's work in a single format, which no other library has edited (i.e., no other symbol appears in field 040). Only one format may be submitted at a time. Libraries that wish to participate in more than one format should wait until feedback is received on the first format submitted before sending records for an additional format. Do not send RDA records during the duration of the RDA Test. Only records cataloged according to AACR2 will be accepted during the RDA Test period.
  3. If your institution does little or no original cataloging, you may alternatively submit 10 examples of the editing of existing records instead. For this alternative, "before" and "after" printouts are required. Additional details are available in the Enhance Evaluation Procedure document.
  4. Institutions affiliated with a regional service provider may either forward completed applications to that service provider's office or send applications directly to OCLC WorldCat Quality Management Division. Independent institutions should forward completed applications to the OCLC WorldCat Quality Management Division.
    • Surface mail:

      Enhance Program

      WorldCat Quality Management Division, MC 139


      6565 Kilgour Place

      Dublin, OH 43017-3395
    • Fax (toll-free): 1-866-709-6252
    • E-mail: Enhance@oclc.org
    • Phone (toll-free): 1-800-848-5878 (Jay Weitz x6156 or Luanne Goodson x5274)