Enhance evaluation procedure

To help prospective applicants better prepare Enhance applications, the following summary has been compiled, describing the process used to evaluate records submitted with an Enhance application.

In the evaluation of an Enhance application, ten records input by the applicant are reviewed. At least five (5) records are chosen from the list submitted by that applicant. The remainder may be selected from the applicant's input, at the discretion of OCLC. All 10 records must be in the format for which Enhance is requested.

Each applicant is given 100 points. Points are subtracted for errors based on the following table (certain repeated errors are subtracted only once). When an applicant's score drops below 50 points, evaluation ceases and the applicant is rejected. In case of doubt, points are not subtracted.

Type of Error Points Deducted
Input of an avoidable duplicate record -25
Misuse or non-use of the Authority Files -25
Choice of format, i.e., requires a 'type' code change (e.g., wrong workform used) -25
Not following I-level standards (including no subject headings). For more information, see About this Guide (Input Standards section) in Bibliographic Formats and Standards. -25
Major errors in applying the appropriate cataloging code (i.e., AACR2, LCRIs, etc.) -25
Not following tracing policy for series titles found in the authority file -25
Minor errors in applying the appropriate cataloging code -10
Incorrect assignment of filing indicators -10
Any other error which affects correct indexing, e.g., punctuation error in personal name field or a typographical error -10
Not following LCRI 21.30J for title added entries -10
Incorrect "Dates," "Source," or "Form" in those formats in which they are applicable -5
Miscoding of tags, indicators, subfield codes and fixed field elements -5
Missing 041 field, when required -5
Subject heading errors -5
Other errors, including obvious typos and errors in punctuation -1

Applicants whose scores range from 80 to 100 will be given the most serious consideration. Applicants whose scores range from 50 to 80 will also be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants whose scores drop below 50 will be asked not to reapply for 12 months. OCLC will not announce scores, but will discuss quality control problems with all applicants, especially those who are rejected.

Prospective applicants having questions about the evaluation procedure may contact the Enhance Program at OCLC:

  • E-mail: Enhance@oclc.org
  • Fax (toll-free): 1-866-709-6252
  • Phone (toll-free): 1-800-848-5878 (Jay Weitz x6156 or Luanne Goodson x5274)