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Cataloging Electronic Resources


This document provides guidelines for applying OCLC-MARC tagging (i.e., content designation) to electronic resources in WorldCat. Information is given for fixed field elements Type, File, and Form of item, plus fields 006, 007, 856, and for integrating resources, monograph vs serial, and electronic reproductions of works previously published.


Revision history

Last revised: July 2006

Date Description of changes
July 2006 Minor corrections and addition of link to Online Audiovisual Catalogers document Source of Title Note for Internet Resources.
June 2006 Extensively revised to reflect the full implementation of Bibliographic Level "i" for Integrating Resources, revisions in AACR2 practices, and removal of outdated information.
November 2004 Minor spelling corrections and removal of outdated information.
July 2004 Clarified definition of Field 856 Second Indicator value "2."
July 2003 Expanded and clarified guidelines on integrating resources and field 856 and removed reference to obsolete draft of LCRI 1.11A.
December 2002 Incorporating changes necessitated by the 2002 revision of AACR2 Chapters 9 and 12 implemented in December 2002 (including integrating resources).
December 2001 Incorporating changes necessitated by the 2001 revision of AACR2 Chapter 9 implemented in December 2001 (including new GMD "electronic resource").
September 2000 Incorporating section on "Electronic Reproductions of Items Previously Published in Print Form."
May 2000 Incorporating changes necessitated by MARC Update implemented in April 2000 (including "Form of Item" code "s").
October 1999 Incorporating various minor clarifications regarding the relationship of this document to CONSER documentation.
July 1999 Both 1998 documents consolidated into single electronic document under title "Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines" at this Web address.
March 1998 "OCLC Guidelines on the Choice of Type and BLvl for Electronic Resources" published as independent electronic document at this Web address.
February 1998 "Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines" (published in OCLC's monthly "Bits & Pieces" no. 212).

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