WorldCat® Local pricing-related frequently asked questions

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How is WorldCat Local priced?

WorldCat Local pricing includes an annual subscription fee and a one-time implementation fee. The subscription fee is based on the size of a library's user population. Contact an OCLC representative at to obtain pricing for your library.

The costs of WorldCat Local are in addition to those of an ILS. How can a library justify this additional cost?

When a library subscribes to WorldCat Local, it pays for a Web-based service that expands discovery of its collection on the Web and better integrates the disparate resources it provides into that discovery experience. Users search collections through a single, simple Web interface and find:

  • Items in the traditional library catalog.
  • Materials (increasingly, digital assets) in special collections outside the catalog
  • Article records from a growing number of familiar databases.

In addition, integration of WorldCat Local with a library's delivery options ensures that users can get the resources they identify through the service. The service displays delivery options that are appropriate to the needed resource, eliminating the need for users to move among multiple services to obtain the items they need.

The breadth of the OCLC cooperative lets a library that implements WorldCat Local deliver a world of physical and electronic library-owned content to its users while still keeping the focus on the library's collections. WorldCat Local search results list local holdings first, followed by those of a consortium or group, and then those of all WorldCat libraries globally.

Libraries that manage timely updates of their holdings into WorldCat for discovery through WorldCat Local also ensure that resources in their collections will be discoverable on the open Web through WorldCat partners such as Google and Yahoo! Search, and social tools such as link sharing and list making.

In the future, circulation, print and electronic acquisitions, and license management modules will increase the utility of WorldCat Local even further, allowing for more integration of library management services with library discovery—the next generation ILS.

So, for an incremental cost, WorldCat Local libraries receive benefits far beyond any system they could have implemented independently. WorldCat Local absorbs the complexity of providing single-search and makes physical and electronic collections more discoverable and thus more easily accessed by library users.