WorldCat Local will eventually be replaced with WorldCat Discovery. Please see the WorldCat Discovery support pages.

Data integration for WorldCat Local

WorldCat Local is most effective for library users when your library's holdings are current and complete in WorldCat. One of the first and most important steps you can take in preparation for WorldCat Local is to have as many of your library’s holdings as possible represented in WorldCat.  Providing access to all formats of materials in your library collections will allow users to find the information they need when searching via your library’s WorldCat Local.

Taking the steps below to analyze the data in your collection will make WorldCat Local more effective for your users, and your users more successful when using WorldCat Local. Ask yourself the questions below to determine your level of data integration in WorldCat Local.

General considerations

The following are necessary considerations for WorldCat Local.

  • Are my holdings up-to-date in WorldCat?

  • Keeping your library’s holdings up-to-date in WorldCat is critical to ensure that your library users receive the most current information about your collections. For more information on OCLC’s data synchronization services, please see Data sync collections in WorldShare Collection Manager.

  • Are OCLC numbers indexed for records in my catalog?

    WorldCat Local uses OCLC Control Numbers to link between WorldCat Local and your catalog.  Therefore, OCLC Control Numbers must be present in your local catalog, and must be consistently indexed within your ILS.  For further information, please see OCLC Control Number.

Displaying your holdings

Present more specific holdings information to your users by adding Local Holdings Records.

  • Do I want to scope searches to a specific branch location?*

    If you would like to display branch-level holdings in WorldCat Local, you will need to work with OCLC to create or update Local Holdings Records (LHRs) that represent branch-level collections associated with your OCLC symbol. For further information, please see Local Holdings Records collection.

  • Do I want to display Local Holdings Records information for serials, articles and eSerials?*

    Information take from a Local Holdings Record (LHR) can be displayed for serial, article and eSerial records. To take advantage of this feature, LHRs must be current in WorldCat. For more information about loading LHRs, please see OCLC Local Holdings Maintenance .

Other formats/types of materials

The following extra features can be implemented to enhance your users experience with WorldCat Local.

  • Do I want to display my local bibliographic data?

    As of February 16, 2011, you can request that your local bibliographic data be stored at OCLC to prepare for upcoming WorldCat Local enhancements that will let your users search and display your local data. Local bibliographic data you can load through data sync includes local subject headings, uniform titles, and more. You must be fully subscribed to WorldCat Local and maintain unique persistent local system bibliographic numbers in your records.

  • Do I want to display vendor records?

    If you have third-party MARC records in your local catalog, you will want to load or set holdings on as many of these records in WorldCat as possible.  Please see Vendor record licensing for current licensing agreements. 

  • Do I want to display digital content?*

    Users will also have access to your library’s digital content when they search WorldCat Local as long as metadata for those collections is present in the WorldCat database.  It is important to keep these holdings as up-to-date as possible. The WorldCat® Digital Collection Gateway® self-service tool is available to CONTENTdm® users at no extra charge. This service transforms Dublin Core metadata in CONTENTdm to MARC format, and uploads the mapped metadata to WorldCat to maximize the visibility of your digital collections to users across the web.

    Other content you may want to consider includes Archives, Special Collections, and vendor order records. Please see WorldCat Cataloging Partners™ and vendor record licensing.

*Available to full WorldCat Local institutions only


For support, please contact OCLC’s Consultative Services team.