Library of Congress (LC)

General description

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As the national library of last resort, provides loans or photocopies of hard-to-find materials not reasonably available from another source, library, or vendor.


Most materials are available for loan with the following exceptions: journals (short articles are photocopied free of charge); genealogy and local history materials (generally, LC Classes CS, CR, and F1-999); items available from the publisher; items printed before 1801; dissertations on film; and audio-visual materials.

Bibliography/index of holdings

OCLC Online Union Catalog records with OCLC symbol DLC, National Union Catalog, New Serial Titles, Union List of Serials, other bibliographic utilities using LC-MARC cataloging and commercial database services providing access to LC-MARC and pre-MARC (pre-1968) LC cataloging online.


Loan only. Complimentary photocopies up to 25 exposures from noncirculating material not elsewhere available. Send requests for more than 25 exposures and multiple requests for the same serial by US mail to the Photoduplication Service; advance payment required.

IFM participation



Commercial Vendor.

International ordering information

Will accept request from non-US libraries via OCLC ILL. $37.00 charge for filled book request, $25.00 for filled photocopy. Payment only via OCLC IFM.

Copyright cleared service

No special requirements.

Workform instructions for ordering via OCLC ILL

ILL requests should be for material not reasonably available from another source, library, or vendor. Material should be identified by citing the LC card number (preferred), the LC call number in the 050 field, or the ISBN/ISSN.


Requests that are not completed according to these procedures result in a Conditional response from LC. If you receive a Conditional response and you still wish to obtain the material, submit a new request. Respond NO to the “Can You Comply?” query. The system changes the status to Unfilled. Borrowing libraries can expect to see all filled requests treated as "photocopies filled" (:DueDate: N/A), even when it is clear that a book is being shipped.  LC uses this approach to avoid further online updating. LC tracks ILL due dates and related information via an in-house circulation control system.
:DueDate: Always N/A.
:Lender: DLC,DLC,DLC,DLC,DLC (five times).
:AUTHOR: Name of author, if known.
:TITLE: Title of request.
:EDITION: If a specific edition is required, enter it here. If any edition is acceptable, leave blank or type any .
:IMPRINT: Place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.
:ARTICLE: Title and author of article.
:VOL: Volume,
:NO: issue,
:DATE: date,
:PAGES: and pages you are requesting.
:VERIFIED: Source of reference or NONE if unknown.
:SHIP TO: Complete shipping address.  Type a slash (/) to separate each line of the address; substitute a hyphen for any slash that is part of your library's name or address (LC uses the OCLC ILL Micro Enhancer for Windows, which reads the slash as a new-line indicator).

If requesting a photocopy, type either ccl or ccg .

The item's LC card number (preferred), ISBN, or ISSN.


For more information

Contact Library of Congress or your OCLC regional service provider.

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