Go Live with WorldCat Navigator

These resources provide information on how to go live with WorldCat Navigator.

If you have further questions, contact your OCLC representative.

Customize the WorldCat Navigator search box

To customize the HTML for the WorldCat Navigator search box, use this tool. The search box tool is where you can create a search box. It provides the HTML code you will need to embed your WorldCat Navigator search box on your library website.

Steps for going live, including meeting with CSD to arrange for ongoing support

Get assistance for WorldCat Navigator

For questions or problems, contact your nearest OCLC office.

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WorldCat Navigator provides seamless resource sharing within your library consortium and beyond. The service manages returnable and nonreturnable items, and integrates with internal circulation systems and the wider OCLC resource sharing network to create a superior discovery-to-delivery tool. If you are currently implementing WorldCat Navigator in your library or consortium, contact your OCLC Implementation Manager with any questions.