• Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If we do not use EZproxy, can patrons still place ILL requests online through our website?
You may place ILL requests on behalf of your patrons, but they will not be able to place requests through the website themselves.

What parameters are set in the system to limit the number of requests allowed per patron?
You may limit the number of requests a patron can place. This can be configured in WorldCat Navigator, but it is also helpful if you include the number of current requests in your patron report so we can identify users with existing requests at the time of login.

If we are uploading patron data, how often should we provide new data?
The more often you provide patron data, the better, to remain current with any changes in the ILS. Our recommendation is to update data daily, especially if you are providing information like fines, or number of overdues.

If we host EZproxy, what are we required to purchase, and how do we maintain the system?
If you host it, you get a free EZproxy license. You only need to provide a system on which to run it and host it as a web server. EZproxy runs with a fairly minimal configuration on Windows or Linux. You will be able to configure your EZproxy server to authenticate against the SIP server for your ILS.

Please see the EZproxy hardware requirements.