ILLiad frequently asked questions

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Hardware and servers

What hardware is needed? A separate server?

OCLC and Atlas recommend a separate server for ILLiad for support and processing performance. See the detailed requirements for more information.

Can ILLiad run on several computers? How do I consolidate?

Yes. ILLiad operates from a single database located on the Windows NT or Windows 2000 server. Because all the computers are connected to this single server, all the interlibrary loan requests and processes are consolidated.

Can ILLiad run on the same NT server as an IIS Web server?

Yes. However, OCLC recommends that ILLiad run on its own server.

ILLiad administration

Can you make your own selection of required fields?

Yes. The patron web pages are in HTML format and are customizable using MS FrontPage or Dreamweaver editors.

Can ILLiad block a request based on a policy problem?


Can borrowers be blocked temporarily?

Yes. Library staff may use the ILLiad staff interface to block specific patrons from accessing their ILLiad account so that they are unable to use the system (for example, if they have not paid their interlibrary loan bills and you have cut off service until they are paid).

Reporting and statistics

How does ILLiad build statistics reports?

ILLiad stores all the information about both borrowing and lending requests within a database that is then queried by library staff using the ILLiad Web statistical program.

How do we get a group-based report on Web-based statistics?

OCLC ILLiad automatically generates group-based reports. Within ILLiad, you indicate which libraries belong to which groups. You only have to do this once. From that point on, ILLiad will generate group-based statistics based on the groups you have defined.

Can I customize statistics from ILLiad database information?

Yes. The ILLiad database is Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant, which allows libraries to create their own custom interlibrary loan statistics using other ODBC compliant software such as Microsoft Access or Excel.

Can statistics be output for import into Excel or Access?

Yes. Statistics can be output in delimited form for import into Microsoft Access and Excel.

Will ILLiad handle inter-campus requests?

Yes. Inter-campus requests are handled using ILLiad internal routing options.

Can more than one staff member use ILLiad at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of library staff that can access ILLiad at the same time.

Can a patron track the history of his requests?

A library patron can track the history of any requests created using ILLiad.

Electronic document delivery

How long does a document remain on the Web for downloading?

The default is 30 days. However, each library can select its own retention date.

Can ILLiad import TIFF or PDF files for patron delivery?

Yes. In fact, this is what allows ILLiad to support distance education programs. You can scan in documents from your own library collection, convert them to PDF using ILLiad, and deliver them to your patrons over the web.


We already use FirstSearch. Can we continue using it?

Yes. You can let your patrons send requests to ILLiad through OpenURL or the FirstSearch ILL link.