Holdings information as recorded in Local Data Records (LDRs) in the OCLC Union List service is now accessible from the  Libraries that Own Item screen on FirstSearch.

Users of libraries that access FirstSearch via the Z39.50 protocol will be able to see union list data for their institutions on the Detailed Record screen.  In addition, clicking the LDR column heading on this screen will sort the entries by LDR, making it easier to see the libraries that provide year and volume holdings information.

To see union list data on the Detailed Record screen, go to the FirstSearch administrative module.

 In the administrative module, click the Interface Display tab.  Then click the link for Library Holdings.  The default setting for the display of union list data in the administrative module is on. If an institution chooses to turn the display of union list information off, no union list information for that symbol will display to any FirstSearch users, including their own. Displaying the LDR data greatly enhances users’ ability to locate information in the collections of their own and others’ libraries, and will provide better overall access to information sources contained in libraries’ physical collections.

Last revised: 09 November 2004