Did you know that in addition to using FirstSearch to search for materials, interlibrary loan staff can now use FirstSearch to:

·         Display holdings and enter lender strings

·         Enter shipping, billing information and borrowing notes and

·         Send requests for those materials through FirstSearch to OCLC ILL?

Once access to your FirstSearch staff interface is established, ILL staff will have a streamlined workflow providing the additional tools they need in the FirstSearch interface to allow them to submit requests through FirstSearch to the OCLC ILL service.

Before you get started, you will need to get the following information from your ILL staff:

·         Work with your ILL staff to obtain the ILL authorization numbers most commonly used by your ILL department. Multiple ILL authorization numbers can be affiliated with one FirstSearch account.

·         Ask your ILL staff to provide you with appropriate information for constant data.  This may include shipping and billing information and borrowing notes.

 To set up your resource sharing authorization to work within the FirstSearch staff interface, all you need to do is:

·         Click on this link.

·         Enter your FirstSearch administrative authorization and password on the administrative module login screen.

You will be taken directly to the Fulfillment -> Staff ILL Settings -> Staff ILL Authorizations area in your FirstSearch administrative module. To make changes:

·         Enter an ILL authorization number in the Authorization box and click Add.

·         Repeat for any additional ILL authorization numbers your ILL staff would like added to this FirstSearch authorization.

·         Click Save Changes.

Once you have entered the ILL authorization number, you will have entered the constant data portion of the administrative module.

 ·         Click on the tab that says Borrowing Constant Data.

 ·         Enter the data provided by your ILL staff, which may include shipping and billing information and borrowing notes.

 After your FirstSearch administrative module has been set up, allow ILL staff access.  They can log onto the staff interface in either of two ways:

·         Through the regular FirstSearch logon page, using their ILL authorization and password at http://firstsearch.oclc.org.

·         From within an active FirstSearch session, by clicking on the Staff Resource Sharing view link

 If you would like to set up FirstSearch for ILL staff to create resource sharing requests in FirstSearch, but don’t have access to your library’s FirstSearch administrative module, please forward this message to the person at your library who can make the changes.

 Questions? Online help is available on the site, or contact your regional service provider  or OCLC User and Network Support, or 1-800-848-5800.

Last revised: 11 October 2005