Did you know that you can give your users the option to view the holdings of all OCLC member libraries in FirstSearch?

It’s easy to turn on the link to display all libraries’ holdings information.

 All you need to do is:

  •  Click on this link.  
  • Enter your FirstSearch administrative authorization and password on the administrative module login screen.

  • You will be taken directly to the Interface Display -> Library Holdings area in your FirstSearch administrative module, where you can enable the Display All Libraries link. Select Display All Libraries by placing a check in the box to specify that users can view holdings information for all libraries. You must also select System Default , Regional , or Group (in Library Holdings Display) to select Display All Libraries.  When your users bring up a holdings screen, they will be able to click the link to see the complete display of all holding libraries. 


Benefits of displaying all libraries’ holdings information in FirstSearch:

·         Facilitates comprehensive research by letting those who wish to view all OCLC member libraries worldwide that hold an item. Academic faculty,  graduate students, and genealogists, are among those who will appreciate knowing where all items pertinent to their research are located.

·         Helps library staff with collection development. By seeing all libraries that own an item, library staff can make informed acquisitions decisions and stretch their budget resources.

·         Supports the expanding needs of libraries to serve users not located geographically near their home libraries.

·         Expands the choices available to FirstSearch users for locating library holdings information.

·         Allows libraries to customize FirstSearch to better meet the needs of their specific user populations.

If you would like to customize the library holdings display in FirstSearch, but don’t have access to your library’s FirstSearch administrative module, please forward this message to the person at your library who can make the changes.

Questions? Online help is available on the site, or contact your regional service provider  or OCLC User and Network Support, or 1-800-848-5800.


Last revised: 11 October 2005