Your users can now more easily see which items among the FirstSearch search results are held by their home library.

 Names, locations, and OCLC symbols of users’ home libraries make up custom groups set up by the home library in the FirstSearch administrative module. They are now highlighted with colored text and the My Library or My Library Group icon in the holdings displays that follow search results screens. If the user’s home library is among the holding libraries, its name appears at the top of the list, and a new icon is placed next to the home library’s name in the holdings display. It lets users jump straight to the library’s OPAC to check on local availability of items they find in their searches, provided the library has set the link to its OPAC either through HTTP linking or Z39.50. These enhancements help users easily see that their library and/or affiliated libraries own an item, making local collections more visible. They also can more readily see the shelf status of an item.

Last revised: 12 March 2003