Readers of the Chinese language now have the convenience of searching databases in FirstSearch in the language they are most comfortable using, and libraries will be able to customize their libraries’ FirstSearch administrative modules in their own language, thereby providing optimum service and functionality to their users.

These interfaces have been available in Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) since 2002.

To optimally view the Asian language interfaces, users must have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above, or Netscape version 6.0 or above loaded on their computers. Although the use of a Japanese or Chinese operating system is not required, some interface display features (tool tips, title displays and alerts) may not display properly without the appropriate operating system. Characters in the Chinese and Japanese interfaces are displayed using Unicode (UTF-8 encoding). To view the interface with the intended character set, download and install a Unicode font such as Arial Unicode MS.

Last revised: 23 July 2003