Did you know that you can turn on a link in FirstSearch so your users can submit ILL requests during their search sessions?

Benefits of enabling the FirstSearch/ILL Link:

  • Saves users time and effort–placing requests is a matter of clicking a button to bring up an online ILL request form, which is submitted electronically.
  • Saves staff time and effort–electronic requests are more accurate, easier to read and quicker to process than paper forms.
  • Increases your library’s productivity - you can decide, and designate by database, how requests are handled (send to file for staff review; submit to OCLC*; send to e-mail address of your choice).

*Details on the optional link that allows users to generate interlibrary loan requests for materials cited in FirstSearch databases can be found on the OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link Quick Reference.

All you need to do is go to:

http://firstsearch.oclc.org/admin?firstpg=ILLProcessing >

and enter your FirstSearch administrative authorization and password on the administrative module login screen.

Click the Resource Sharing tab. The ILL Processing area displays, where you can enable ILL access. You can also specify, by database, how you want the requests initiated by your users to be processed, and if there are databases for which you want ILL access turned off. (In WorldCat, you can even enable or turn off access by document type, so that users are not offered the ILL option for things like archival material.)

Last revised: 11 September 2007