Did you know that you can customize the ILL Request Form your users see in FirstSearch?

It is easy to choose which fields display in the ILL Request Form and specify if the fields will be required or modifiable by patrons. You can even change the field labels on the form to reflect the terminology used at your library. You can also include a customized note to users that will display on the form.

Benefits of customizing the ILL Request Form in FirstSearch:

  • Save staff time and effort–collect exactly the information you need by designating which fields display.
  • Avoid confusion–change the labels to use the wording familiar to you and your patrons.
  • Educate your users–by including custom text informing them, for example, of the cost of the interlibrary loan to the library, average wait for a requested item, how they will be notified when the item becomes available, or any other message you wish.

All you need to do is:

Click the Resource Sharing tab and the Patron ILL Settings link.  Then click the Patron ILL Request Form link.  You can then set up how you want the forms displayed to your users to look and read.

If you would like to customize the ILL Request Form in FirstSearch, but do not have access to your library’s FirstSearch administrative module, please forward this message to the person at your library who can make the changes.

Last revised: 11 October 2004