In the WorldCat database, FirstSearch Results screens now make available drop-down limit options for subtypes available within the Material Type index,  giving users another way to refine their results. 

These post-search subtype limiters help users identify materials in the exact formats and content types that they can use.

If a user does not limit a search to a subtype before running the search, subtype limiters will appear on the results screen. The subtype limits shown depend on the document types in the results, and the values for the limits are customized for each document type:

  • Mixed: general Audience, Content, and Format limits are displayed (matching those on the search screen).
  • Books: Audience, Content, and Format limits are displayed.
  • Sound recordings: Audience, Content, Music Composition, and Format limits are displayed.

    Note: The Music Composition limit includes over 60 types, which are listed in the online Help.
  • Visual materials: Audience, Subtype (including format) limits are displayed.
  • Musical scores: Audience, Music Composition limits are displayed.
  • Serial publications: Subtype (newspapers/other) limit displayed.
  • Internet resources: Subtype (NetLibrary eBooks/other) limit displayed.

    Note: Choosing to limit results to Other will exclude NetLibrary eBooks from the results list.
  • Computer files: Format limit displayed.

No subtype limits display for Archival Materials, Articles, or Maps. Unlike the document type limits, which display the number of records a search will retrieve, the number of records matching a subtype limit is not known in advance and could result in no records being retrieved.

The options to refine results lists by material format subtype may be used either individually or combined. When a user limits a search by more than one category, the limit options are combined using the AND Boolean operator.

Last revised: 09 November 2004