Typos or misspellings in search terms are a major cause of online search failure. A new feature now available in all FirstSearch databases offers search term suggestions when a search retrieves no records, similar to what users see in Amazon.com or Google.

The search term suggestions increase the likelihood that the user will get results. Suggested terms come from WorldCat and applicable indexes in the database being searched. Hover text (visible in Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above and in Netscape 6.0 and above) indicates the number of records that match terms in the current database. For zero-hit searches, when a term within the search is identified as having zero postings or low postings in a keyword, author, title, or subject search, words that are “close” are suggested as possible replacements. When the user accepts the suggestion and clicks the Search button, it counts as a new search.

Last revised: 24 July 2003