Uniquely valued by member libraries, FirstSearch will continue to be offered as a separate service from WorldCat Discovery. A FirstSearch/WorldCat Discovery subscription provides access to the FirstSearch and WorldCat Discovery interfaces.

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In response to user input, we will update the FirstSearch interface later in 2018. The interface changes will not affect existing precision search functionality in the service.

For more information about the future of FirstSearch and WorldCat Discovery, see Frequently Asked Questions, Next steps for WorldCat Discovery and FirstSearch.

Additional details about plans for FirstSearch will be shared as they are confirmed. To receive ongoing updates about FirstSearch enhancements, register for Discovery and Reference email updates.

View the FirstSearch interface with July 2018 enhancements

Click a file format below to view and download images of the new FirstSearch interface to update your library's instructional materials.


Advanced Search screen




Results screen




Detailed record screen



Promote FirstSearch

Using the materials presented here can expand your patrons' awareness of FirstSearch.

Promotional Toolkit

These materials help you construct a campaign emphasizing the ease of research using FirstSearch and WorldCat's diverse pool of materials in many formats-books, videos, DVDs, eBooks, magazine articles and more.

Promote WorldCat for genealogical research in your library

All materials are in color but may be printed in grayscale.

  • Full page ad
    PDF format: [English]
  • Quarter page ad
    PDF format: [English]
  • WorldCat genealogy bookmarks
    PDF format: [English]
    Printed copies of bookmarks can be ordered in packs of 25 at no charge. Send an email to orders@oclc.org and include the job code 215557.
  • Quick reference guide
    PDF format: [English]

Learn more about the benefits of WorldCat for genealogical research. Materials include a search tutorial, answers to common questions, and the story of a woman who supplemented her family history through WorldCat in FirstSearch.

Add your library's logo to FirstSearch

You can add your library's logo to the OCLC FirstSearch service. Learn how to add your logo.

Add FirstSearch icons to your library's Web site

You can use OCLC-provided icons as illustrations on screens linking your site to the OCLC FirstSearch service.

Teach FirstSearch

Helping your library's users learn FirstSearch increases their research effectiveness and the visibility of FirstSearch databases in your library. Here are materials for you to use when teaching students and other library patrons how to use FirstSearch.