Revised 6/3/2009

Database Name: Proceedings

Short Database Name: PCF1

Available On: FirstSearch Production Server and Test Server

Why select this database?

  • Covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received by The British Library Document Supply Centre
  • Contains in each record a list of the papers presented at each conference.

Why select this database?

Subjects included
conference proceedings congresses exhibitions
meetings symposiums workshops

Coverage/update frequency

Covers 1993 to the present.

New records are added 2 times a week.

Record display information

List of FirstSearch fields for Proceedings and the MARC fields to which they correspond:

Field Name MARC field(s)
Year 008
ISBN 020/a
Accession number 035/a
Language Code of Text 041/a
Editor(s) 100/a

Main Title 245/a
Volume Title 245/p
Alternate Title 246/a
Book Publisher 260/a
Book Series Title 490/a
Book Series Volume Number 490/v
Series ISSN 490/x
Notes 500/a
Table of Contents 505/c,r,t,w
Language 546/a
Material Type 598/b
Identifier 653/a
Conference 711/a,c,d
Variant Title 740/a
Non-English (languages) 917/j
Language of Text Code Expanded 936/0
Conference Sponsor 970/w
Document Type 949/i
OCLC Record Display Type 949/x
British Library Serial Shelfmark 980/x
British Library Book Location 980/y


What follows is a list of FirstSearch indexes and the combination of USE and STRUCTURE attributes that can be used to access them.

  1. For any FirstSearch label where multiple USE attributes are listed all the attributes will provide the exact same search result sets.
  2. Any USE attribute that is not marked as a restrictor is available via the SCAN service.
  3. Limiters are specially implemented indexes and are not available for scanning. Terms for these must be ANDed with other terms to limit the size of the result set. See the table provided for each limiter to determine valid terms and their associated meaning.

FirstSearch Indexes and USE and STRUCTURE attributes used to access them:

Index Description Use Attribute Structure Attribute Indexed Fields and Subfields
Keyword (kw) Any 5110 2 245/a,p





Keyword All (ka) Any 1016 2 100/a







Accession Number (no) Control number local 12 2 035/a

BL Location OCLC Defined 5663 2 980/x,y
Conference Location (cl) Name Geographic 5119 2 711/c
Conference Name (cn, cn=) Author-name-conference 1006 1,2 711/a
Date of Conference (dk) OCLC Defined 5066 2 711/d
Editor (ed, ed=) OCLC Defined 1020

1,2 100/a

Identifier (id) OCLC Defined 29 2 653/a
Language Phrase (ln=) Code — language 54 1 546/a

Material Type (ct, ct=) Material-type 1034 1,2 598/b
Notes (nt) Note 63 2 500/a
Publisher (pb) Name Publisher 1018 2 260/a
Publication Date (pd) Date 30 2 008
Series Title (se, se= ) Title-series 5 1,2 490/a
Standard Number (sn, sn=) Identifier — standard 1007

1,2 020/a

Sponsor (sp, sp=) OCLC Defined 5710 1, 2 970/w
Subject (su, su=) Subject 21 1, 2 653/a
Table of Contents (tc, tc=) OCLC Defined 5677 1, 2 505/r,t
Title (ti, ti=) Title 4 1,2 245/a,p


Year (yr) Date-publication 31 2,4,5 008



The following limiters can be used only in conjunction with an index search.   They must be added to an index search with the Boolean AND in order to receive results:

Limiter Type Input Use Attribute Structure Attribute
Language* No Limit




54 1
Year* All years

Single year

Range of years

19xx, 20xx

19xx - 20xx
31 4,5

* Both an index and a limiter.


Search results in the Proceedings database can be sorted by Conference Name (1006), Date of Conference (5066), Publication Date (30), Editor (1020) and Title (4)

General punctuation rules

(exceptions are made, but these are generally correct):

Punctuation Rule Punctuation Rule
" Delete and collapse $ Delete and collapse
' (apostrophe) Delete and collapse % Delete and collapse
. Delete and collapse * Delete and collapse
, (comma) Delete and collapse + Delete and collapse
; Delete and collapse > Delete and collapse
: Delete and collapse < Delete and collapse
() Delete and collapse @ Delete and collapse
<> Delete and collapse ? Delete and collapse
{} Delete and collapse -- Delete and collapse
[] Delete and collapse / Substitute a space
= Delete and collapse - Retain and index
! Delete and collapse & Retain and index
# Delete and collapse

Searching tips

Phrase indexes: Delete and collapse leading articles A, AN & THE.


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