• Your library's logo

Your library's logo

You can add your library's logo to the FirstSearch service by typing the URL of the logo's image file in the administrative module. If you do, your logo appears throughout each FirstSearch session at either the upper left or upper right of each FirstSearch screen, depending on where you designated it to appear.

The URL of the logo's image file must begin with http:// and include the complete address of the file. The file must be located where your FirstSearch users can get access to it.

If you have multiple FirstSearch accounts, add your library's logo in the administrative module for each account in which you want the logo to appear.

If you want to specify the logo through automatic logon rather than the administrative module, leave the administrative module feature blank. For more information, see Library logo component.

Click the Interface Display section of the main menu, then choose Your Library from the drop-down list under Your Library Settings in the sidebar menu to go to the Your Library screen.