• Staff ILL authorizations overview

Staff ILL authorizations overview

Overview of the FirstSearch staff ILL interface

The FirstSearch staff ILL interface consists of a basic interface to the OCLC Interlibrary Loan service in FirstSearch. Resource sharing staff can use FirstSearch to:

  • Search for materials using the discovery view in FirstSearch
  • Display holdings and enter lender strings
  • Enter shipping and billing information and borrowing notes
  • Send requests for materials to OCLC ILL

The FirstSearch staff ILL interface provides access to:

  • Patron ILL capabilities, allowing resource sharing staff to make use of ILL Direct Request in FirstSearch (direct to profile or direct to review)
  • Additional tools ILL staff need to allow them to submit requests to the OCLC ILL service (direct to lender)
  • All of the functionality of FirstSearch associated with the FirstSearch authorization (Infotrieve, Select Translation Service, pay-per-use article purchasing, etc.)

Who may use the FirstSearch staff ILL interface?

Anyone with an OCLC ILL authorization who would like the use the staff view of FirstSearch and has linked their ILL authorization to their FirstSearch authorization may use the FirstSearch staff ILL interface.

What must the FirstSearch administrator do?

A FirstSearch administrator must do the following:

  • Enter one or more current OCLC ILL authorizations and passwords for the institution on the Authorizations screen.

    Note: If an institution has multiple FirstSearch accounts, one should be designated for use by ILL staff. Contact the institution's ILL department for information about ILL authorizations. Institutions with a single ILL authorization and a single FirstSearch authorization as of August 16, 2003, will have their authorization automatically linked for them.

  • Provide ILL staff with the information needed to get access to the FirstSearch ILL staff view.